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Bullnose at work!  Always fun to see that kind of pic.

Big Brother use to tow our manure trailer once a month, for the barn to the piece of land dedicated to receive it.  A flat 16' trailer, I use my old Kubota B21 to empty it (this is the same trailer I use to carry the tractor on the road when needed).

Last year, a friend of mine proposed me to give a try to his dumper trailer, a 14'.  This was the scary experience of my life!

I now know these things need to dump on a flat surface.

The trailer was on a slightly sloped ground surface.  Nothing to notice when a normal use.  But when the trailer box goes almost vertical and is full loaded of sticky manure, it can fall on its side so easily!

By chance, I have avoided the catastrophe and was able to get down the dumper slowly before it falls...  Finally, had to empty it with the tractor.

Conclusion, when using a long dumper trailer, if not filled with dry stock that will glide easily from the box, a perfectly horizontal surface (and no wind! ) is critically important!

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