Ford Small block 302/351W distributor identification.

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Ford Small block 302/351W distributor identification.

Jake Papageorge
OK, so I came across a few duraspark distributors in my attic that has me a little baffled.  

This thing is shorter from the collar that the clamp goes on to the top than a Windsor distributor, so I assumed it was a 302 HO distributor.  Now I am probably wrong on this, however, didn't 302 use a 1/4 inch hex drive?  This thing has a 5/16 hex drive.  Additionally, it has a cast iron gear painted green.  Right next to it was a longer 351W distributor that had a cast iron gear painted blue and another Windsor with a yellow gear that looks like it is steel as opposed to cast iron.  The 2 Windsor's are taller than the other, but below the clamping ring, all 3 are identical!

All have single nipple adjustable vacuum advance units only the shorter unit and one of the Windsor units are painted yellow, the other one is just plain metal in appearance.  

Any of you guys who know duraspark units want to chime in on what the hell I am looking at here?  There are a lot of things that I know about various era Ford engines, but I am starting to realize I am willfully deficient on distributors.  I can curve the hell out of one of these things as I have welded more limiters than I can count, but this short distributor with the 5/16 OP drive has me curious as does all of these painted gears.  

Sometimes, ya gotta wonder what these guys at Fomoco were thinking with all of these variants!