A/C fitting sizing

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A/C fitting sizing

I'm finally getting around to installing all the lines for my A/C. I'm using all OE style equipment, except for the compressor. I am planning on building my own coolant lines, partly because I prefer making my own lines, but partly because my 460 accessory kit has the compressor on the passenger side, instead of the drivers side like original.

Anyway, I was sizing out the hose ends, and it looks like the accumulator outlet is a #12 male straight cut o-ring. Is that right? Everything else is in the entire system is #8 except for the compressor inlet which is a #10. If that is right, it just seems odd because it's hard to find #12 hose ends and adapters.
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Re: A/C fitting sizing

I cant vouch for your specific set up but from all the AC work ive done OE units all seem to use #12 for the low side, #6 for the highside from the condenser to the evaporator and a #8 from the compressor to condenser.

Aftermarket units replace the #12 low side lines with #10.
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