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Droopy headliner and super dirty windows

So here's the interior was about 7 at night so the tree it's parked under was shading it so I apologize for the lighting. See how much fun I will have cleaning this thing?
I'd loved to do a red or white headliner with the future red interior and I loved those black and red seats someone posted.
My husband and I are still arguing about keeping bench seats up front or doing a bucket seat with console in the middle. I told him it's my truck I should pick. He wants to do bucket seats. Granted at least both of us are only 2 inches apart in height so at least that wouldn't cause an issue. (I am unsure as to wither or not the bench moves forward or back).

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The front and rear seats move on the crew cab, the only difference will be the front seat back should be locked in position so it won't tilt. Tip for you, if the front is worn, the seats can be swapped as they are identical. Too bad it shows up as so dark inside, how about some outside pictures too.
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